VOLOKNO DIY Electirc Skateboard Parts

Custom electric skateboard parts for great DIY builds


Hi there! My name is Pavel (aka eLDoska), and I am glad to welcome you on this website.

I started building boards 5 years ago when the motors and batteries were huge, and the power and range were extremely limited. It's been a long time since then, and it's cool to see how far this industry has come. Now each of us can build any board to their taste.

From my first board, I realized that the most difficult parts of creating them are battery enclosure and deck, so I set myself the goal - to help those who want to get the deck or enclosure of excellent quality for an affordable price. To achieve this goal, I opened VOLOKNO workshop where I make custom parts from the best components available on the market.

All my decks and battery boxes are made with resin and fiberglass, which gives them excellent strength and low weight, and to give the decks a unique shape, I cut them on the CNC.

By the way, if you dream of a particular board design, write to me and I will make a custom board of the shape you want at a reasonable price.

Besides decks and enclosures, I also make great batteries and switches that can come in handy in your boards.

You can find all the contact info in the Contacts or just at the bottom of the page. Should you have any questions regarding the products on the site, feel free to contact me.

If you have a question about your order, you need a custom part (deck, enclosure, etc.), or any other question - feel free to message me on any social media
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