VOLOKNO CLD Composite electric skateboard deck + enclosure

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Classic electric skateboard deck, designed using the most advanced technologies and materials from the deck-building world.
All my decks and battery boxes are made with resin and Carbon/Basalt/Glass-fiber, which gives them excellent strength and low weight, and to give the decks a unique shape, I cut them on the CNC.

Material: Basalt fiber, Fiberglass, Epoxy resin
Length: 40" / 102cm
Width: 10,5" / 26.6 cm
Drop: 0,4" / 10mm drop
Concave: 0,3" / 8mm
Flexibility - stiff

Weight: 3.2kg

N.B. If you order only the deck - it comes without pre-drilled holes for the enclosure

Light and strong glass fiber battery and esc enclosure for electric skateboard / longboard.
Fits battery 12S8P 21700 + BMS + 2VESC \ ESC
Material: Fiberglass, Epoxy resin
External: 229x641mm
Internal: 176x608mm
47mm deep

Weight: 700gr

N.B. If you order only the enclosure - it comes with pre-drilled holes

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If you have a question about your order, you need a custom part (deck, enclosure, etc.), or any other question - feel free to message me on any social media
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