VOLOKNO MBD Composite electric mountainboard deck + enclosure

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Synthetic electric mountainboard deck with flex and wings that will give you new riding experience and better steering even without foot straps and bindings.
MBD deck is available in 3 flexibility options: flexible / medium / stiff. Medium stiffness is a default option.
MBD deck is designed and produced using the most advanced technologies and materials from the deck-building world.
All my decks and battery boxes are made with resin and Carbon / Basalt / Glass-fiber, which gives them excellent strength and low weight, and to give the decks a unique shape, I cut them on the CNC.

Mountainboard Deck:
Material: Basalt fiber, Fiberglass, Epoxy resin
Length: 35,5" / 90,3 cm
Width: 9-11,4" / 23-28,9 cm
Foot stance: 70cm
Concave: 0,3" / 8mm
Angle: 30°
Deflection: 25mm

Flexibility - medium (stiff / soft by request)

Weight: 3,1kg / 3,4kg / 3,7kg

N.B. If you order only the deck - it comes without pre-drilled holes for the enclosure

Flexible enclosure:
Light and strong glass fiber battery and esc enclosure for electric skateboard / longboard / mountain board.
Fits battery 12S8P 21700 + BMS + 2VESC \ ESC
Material: Fiberglass, Epoxy resin
External: 229x684mm
Internal: 4 segments145x176mm
47mm deep

Weight: 700gr

N.B. If you order only the enclosure - it comes with pre-drilled holes

About aesthetic.
Deck comes like on photos - with blank basalt fiber on top, blank fiberglass in the middle, and gelcoat with cnc pattern (parallel lines) on bottom. The fiberglass core after cnc is finished by hand, so it is pretty smooth to the touch.

This deck is in the first place a part for DIY build, and i intentionally leaved the top - blank basalt fiber, because any further finishing will take more time and rise the price and I know that not everyone needs additional finish. But if you don't like the look of blank basalt you can express yourself and cover the top of the deck with griptape (available as an option), or you can order a custom griptape, custom fabric, carbon, e.t.c.

And if you don't like the blank fiberglass aesthetic, you can message me and i will colour the resin in the colour you like for a bit extra $$.

Payment method: PayPal
Price incl worldwide shipping with tracking number

Medium flex + 80kg
If you have a question about your order, you need a custom part (deck, enclosure, etc.), or any other question - feel free to message me on any social media
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